NFL Week 12 Quick Hits

1) Suh should be fined and suspended – For his actions on Thanksgiving Day, the Lions extremely talented DT should be suspended at least two games and fined.  More importantly though, he needs to become more accountable for what he does on the field.  Every time he is fined or suspended he is hurting his team, and with the Lions having a legitimate chance to make the playoffs this season they need him.  I am not shocked at his actions but more so at his response; given that his team sat him down and talked to him it is not unreasonable to expect a small change in him from this point on.  Finding the balance between intensity and control will be very difficult but Suh must accomplish it in order for the Lions to play on Wild Card Weekend.

2) Thanks for coming Matt Leinart – The former USC prospect was playing decently when he was injured and probably could have steered the Texans to a playoff berth in the coming weeks.  Now?  He joins Matt Shaub on the sidelines and the Texans are in real trouble of giving up the division to the suddenly resurgent Titans.

3) Should we even be surprised anymore? – Another week, another come from behind victory by Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.  As long as the game is close, Tebow will give his squad a shot to win.  Amazing, absolutely amazing.  The D is playing out of their minds but the team truly believes in their young, enigmatic QB. 

4) Green Bay and the Pats look to be the class of their respective divisions – The Pack is obvious but the Pats have come on lately, even though their D is horrible.  Can two defensively weak teams make it the most offensively entertaining Super Bowl ever?