The LeDream begins…

Welcome to the LeDream scenario for basketball and Miami Heat fans: LBJ is working on his post game with none other than Hakeem “the Dream”. 

For years and years the only real complaint about LeBron’s game has been his lack of a go-to low post move like that of Jordan or Kobe.  Essentially, he is all raw skill and talent at this point: working with Hakeem and learning the “dream shake” could change things a little bit. 

According to this article on, the LeDream of an unstoppable LeBron is about to begin.  For fellow Heat fans this is a LeDream Come True as LeBron states what every basketball fan has been waiting for him to say for nearly eight years: “Right now I’m focusing on being a better player, working on my game every single day.” 

As if that was not enough, he goes right ahead and continues: “Like I said, the Dallas Mavericks were a great team and they deserved to win that championship. And I’ll just use that as motivation coming into this season”

LeBron…working on his game…using the loss as motivation…wanting to win an Olympic Gold in 2012…it is almost more than I can take – in the best possible way.  I am overcome with joy that the greatest player of his generation (his, Kobe fans, not the past one) is finally becomming unstoppable.   Not only has he said all the right things, but you could pick a worse mentor in the low post game than Hakeem “perhaps the best center of his era” Olajuwon who won two titles with the Rockets.  Hakeem knows what it takes to win and his dream shake left the best of his time in the dust. 

If LeBron were able to suddenly learn how to play the low post game of basketball alongside instead of cruising on his riduculous skill set, the rest of the league (whenever they start playing) is pretty doomed.  Can you picture LeBron unleashing something like this Dream Shake in Game One and the rest of the NBA coming to a full stop with the frantic realization that there is no longer any way to stop him?

Good start LBJ, keep using the loss as fuel for next year. 

And keep working on the LeShake – can’t wait to see how the rest of the NBA tries in vain to stop the 2012 NBA Champs.