NFL Week 9 Quick Hits

Week 9 has nearly come and gone…

1) The 9ers gut one out – Tough win against a subpar Redskins team, but the 9ers held on.  Thankfully.  Frank Gore is a patient, powerful back and he is the heart and soul of the team.  Without him they are nowhere near clinching their division and Alex Smith would never have had the opportunity to develop as much as he has.  The Niners have shown the ability to win big (their blowout of the Bucks), win tough (their takedown of the Skins) and win divisionally (Seattle).  How will they do with the number 2 seed in the NFC?

2) What will Indy do? – Chatting last week with my old friend, Whisper Winnett and we debated what the Colts will do if they win the right to draft Luck.  My point: they would be the luckiest team in the universe and would be able to continue dominating their division for another decade…after Luck learns behind Manning for 3 or so years.  The Whisper’s point: Luck is too good to sit for any amount of time; they either have to trade Manning or the pick.  Great points – what should the Colts do?  If they find themselves in the situation they absolutely have to draft Luck, and then decide what to do with a 36 year old QB coming back from neck surgery.

3) Philip Rivers takes the heat – Veteran NFL QB’s cannnot do what Rivers did.  It was a “must win” game, and they had the chance to win…and did not.  This week, they found themselves in a shootout with NFL juggernaut Green Bay which, as of this writing they were not on the good side of. 

4) Julio Jones comes alive – 3 catches for 131 yards and 2 TDs including an 80 yarder.  His field stretching abilities were sorely missed by the one dimensional offense of Alabama (the reason they lost of LSU). 

5) The Bucs are overrated – They took a beating at the hands of the Niners and a beating at the hands of the Saints in the Superdome.  Why are we giving them so much credit when all they have done is beat bad teams and lose to good ones?  Freeman is a good player but he is nowhere near elite yet.  There will be a turnover in the division once Brees falls by the wayside (TB / Atl) but not yet. 

Until next week.