Miami Thrice Title Quest – March 24, 2012

As the Indiana Pacers season came to a close they could only stare in wonder at the man who closed them out: Dwyane Wade.  After being much maligned for his truly awful game 3 performance, Wade rebounded and played one of the best games of his career to finish off the upstart challengers to the Heat.

(Although it should be mentioned that he had his knee drained in this series and suddenly was “playing amazingly afterwards”.  If there are five words I never want associated with the second best player on my team it is the following: he had his knee drained…)

In a series that has seen some truly bizarre moments – Bosh injuring himself on a dunk, multiple suspensions for Heat centers and career best games for both Wade and LeBron – I can honestly say I am glad it is over.  I am also glad that it was Wade who closed it out, although he should not make it a habit as there is little doubt LeBron is the team’s best player.  Consider his performance in Game Four when the team had their backs against the wall and he so thoroughly dominated the game that the Pacers simply gave up all the way through the end of Game Five.

Tonight it was Wade’s turn and he played with a supreme amount of confidence.  On one play he drove and was knocked down but watched the shot bounce around and go in as he rolled up and swaggered all the way to the foul line.  He knew as soon as he let the ball go from an impossible angle that it was going on.  Maybe three guys could know that in the entire world and two of them play for Miami.  Wade hardly missed all evening and his astounding array of floaters, most of them over an increasingly humorous cast of look-alike Pacer players (Has anyone else noticed that Roy Hibbert, Paul George and Danny Granger could be triplets?  Can this possibly be a coincidence?) led to foul trouble for the Pacers and eventually sealed Miami’s win.  At one point LeBron cruised in for an easy layup as if the Pacers had forgotten he was on the floor.  This is the Miami we need to see more of!

I do not know if Miami can beat OKC, or San Antonio or even Boston (I will never cheer as hard for anyone as I cheer for Philly on Saturday) but this whole season still comes down to LeBron.  He is truly breathtaking and truly unstoppable when he chooses to be.  If the Heat are missing Chris Bosh they will not beat OKC or San Antonio.  However…you can never really count them out simply because in a game like tonight, when Wade and LeBron genuinely play off each other, they are the most dangerous combo in the league.

Bring on the 76ers!!!

Please, please, please, please, please….