The Football Jesus Cometh…

The time has come to discuss the legend of the Tebow.

Did I want / expect to write this post?  Absolutely not, especially when it seemed that the mediocre Thursday night game was going to end in a Jets victory.  Then with 95 yards in front of him, Football Jesus arrived…spectacularly. 

For most of the game, Tebow was shackled in a shockingly conservative offense (except of course for his bomb on the opening play that not even the great Revis was ready for) that ran the ball and limited him to around 50 yards passing per half.  For the record, Tom Brady often puts that sort of number up in the first five minutes.   Yet when the final five minutes hit, Tebow was ready – in my opinion no current NFL player has a better understanding of “the moment” than Tim Tebow.  He took his team 95 yards through sheer grit and determination.  He was fearless, he hit every pass, he got all the lucky breaks, he was transcendent, he did whatever he had to do to score. 

The final touchdown perfectly illustrates what Tebow is capable of: he spotted eight men in the box, but recognized weak containment.  The NFL Network showed a great sequence of the flickering of his eyes back and forth as he gauged whether or not he could beat the contain man to the outside.  He went for it and the result was spectacular.  Tebow ran right around the contain man, shook off a couple of tackles and took it to the house.  He was unstoppable – the Jets may as well have fired bazookas at him, Tebow was getting into the endzone. 

Tim Tebow wins football games.  While he is not statistically superior to virtually any other quarterback, he does his job without mistakes  and when the game is on the line who else would you want to have the ball in his hands?  After the game I genuinely wondered if I would rather have Tebow or Mark Sanchez as my QB.  It should be noted of course that Tebow has found himself the perfect situation to compliment his unique skill set: a great defense, passable running game, and Eddie Royale (a decent deep threat).  Tebow is winning games without his top running back and he is winning games the old fashioned way.  He is setting offensive football back decades but he continues to come up with different ways to win. 

The real question: can you doubt him now?  This was “the drive” for Tebow and he came through in nail-biting fashion with the game on the line.  What else can you possibly ask for?  Perhaps the Broncos will eventually take the shackles off for the entire game…maybe they will just let him loose in the last five minutes.  Perhaps all that matters is this:

Tim Tebow wins football games.