Miami Thrice Title Quest Diary November 28, 2011

Welcome back, LeBron and co.! 

We lost you there for a while and it seemed like we would be denied an “in your primes” season of the Miami Thrice 2011 Runner Ups!  Yet, in the 11th hour everyone came through after realizing that a half season of basketball is better than no season at all.  The Heat actually come out looking very good as they will be able to dump someone with no implications (thanks for coming out Mike Miller) and possibly track down a centre with their mid-level exception. 

The season will kick off with a Christmas Day slate that will feature the Heat and Lakers in some capacity (possibly playing each other?) and will go a long way towards winning back the casual fans lost during the lockout.  Just a week ago I wondered what I was going to watch on Christmas Day, now I know I will be able to sit back and enjoy some post-lockout ball. 

The biggest of all questions: Can the Heat win the 2012 Title?  I believe that post-lockout ball will favor young teams with good core’s that have already jelled.  The only three I can think of: Miami, OKC and Chicago.  One of those teams will probably rise above the rest and seize the NBA Title from the Dallas Mavericks who have little chance of repeating their 2011 magic.  Miami seems to be poised and ready, but also should have the fire from the previous year’s loss.  LeBron will have (hopefully) hardened his heart and be ready to take his game to the next level (hopefully). 

The good news: we will get another season of basketball. 

The bad news: we have to wait for Christmas for the season to kick off.