A Two-Point Beginning and End

In case you already forgot, this is how it all began:

Last weekend Boise State’s incredible run ended with a missed 39 yard field goal – unfortunately for the second straight year – and it has sure been a roller coaster of a ride.  All along, one thing has been clear: they wanted a shot at the National Title.  Year after year they turned away anyone who challenged them: Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia Tech.  Eventually teams stopped coming down since they knew they would be turned aside in ridiculous fashion.  Boise won games big and they won games ugly and they won close games too.  For their entire run in the top 10 they never backed down from a challenge and the biggest reason they never got to number one was their strength of schedule.  Pollsters tend to forget that by the time they were going 11-0 no top ten team wanted to take the chance in playing them.  Hard to have a tough schedule when teams like Michigan and Texas are running the other way. 

Next year Boise may be starting over – their longtime QB / frequent Heisman candidate / winningest QB in Div 1 History Kellan Moore is leaving the school.  If nothing else, Boise’s winning ways have finally attracted legitimate recruits to the program and they should be deep and competetive for years to come.  It hurt to watch them lose to TCU though, very very much.  No team in recent memory has been as entertaining as consistently entertaining as Boise and their 2007 Fiesta Bowl Game is the most exciting game I have ever watched.  I remember happening to turn on the game and being unable to leave the couch for an hour.  My roommates joined me and we spent the entire 4th quarter / overtime screaming in disbelief.  You cannot make up how that game went nor could you make up all their subsequent success.  All they ever wanted was a shot at the best, and when they got it, you had to believe they would make the most of it.  The Statue of Liberty two point conversion may be the gutiest player in college football history and deservedly so.  In the annals of football history the NCAA denying Boise State the opportunity to play in the National Championship should go down as outright larceny.   

Thus it is only fitting that their reign seemingly ends on a two point conversion.  Boise will not get their shot this year or next, but they definitely deserved one.