Sports is…

We devote endless time and effort to sports because of their incredibly frustrating paradoxical nature: to bring us together and pull us apart.  Sports brings more “I cannot believe it!” moments then anything else.  Sports brings us unlikely champions, walk off homeruns, unbelievable dunks, 3-0 comebacks, penalty shot saves, touchdown catches, last second rallies, icy calm closers and game changing interceptions. 

Sports gives us the gift of the comeback, the redemption of a playoff season or the heartbreak of the bottom of the division.  It gives us moments that inspire and moments to dread.  Sports gives you butterflies in your stomach and can keep entire nations glued to their seats.  Sports can end civil wars and postpone future ones.  Sports is the universal language, and a language of history.  Sports is a love affair and a painful breakup.  Sports is beauty, heartache, love and pain in one package.  Simply put, Sports are life and we connect with people we do not know in magical ways.  Sports is the ultimate metaphor and the ultimate mystery to which we all subscribe.


One comment on “Sports is…

  1. Though I just came across the article now, I really liked your article called the Bobby Baun hall of fame… I emailed it to him:)

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