What the NF-EL!

September and the NFL season have crept upon us very quickly – and a very interesting season is almost here. 

The most important question first:  Why is Colin Kapernick shirtless on the cover of SI when no other QB is?

Kidding – Who will be the NFL Champion?

The title winner will come from one of these teams: San Diego, San Fran, Seattle, Denver, Green Bay and New England.  Which one?  I believe the winner will either be San Fran or New England (Frisco’s time or Brady’s last hurrah). 

The best football book of the offseason is…League of Denial which details just how awful concussions are (worse than we could possibly imagine).  Read this book for a full understanding of just how horrible the legacy of the game may be. 

The MVP will be – Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning (either the young gun or the old men will take it).  My pick: Rodgers comes in strong.

The most overrated storyline will be: Johnny Football not being on the field.

The most underrated story will be: Josh Gordon suspended for a year for marijuana while Ray Rice skates with two games for beating his wife unconscious.  Goodell has changed the policy but way, way too late.

Surprise Team – The Bengals will surprisingly win their division and a playoff game!  The Chargers will be good!

Not a Surprise Team – The Giants will suck (sorry Just Ross) and look to draft a QB and possibly hire (gulp) a new coach.

Boldest Predictions – Philip Rivers will earn his new contract / RGIII will not last the season as the Skins QB / Tony Romo will lead Dallas to the Playoffs / Atlanta will again fall short / Joe Flacco is not that good / Tom Brady is




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