Heat Check – A Finals Rematch

After LeBron and the Heat punched their ticket to the finals with a fired up and emphatic performance – Bron was playing end to end D, taking it to the basket and hitting ridiculous falling down jumpers – all that remained to be seen was whether he had to take on Greg Popovich or Kevin Durant for the Title.  The answer was clear after an epic Game 6 as Tim Duncan and the Spurs have the rematch they want for the Championship.  Game 6 haunts the Spurs and they desperately want to have it back.  

Who will take this one?  Will the Spurs get their revenge or will LeBron get his Threepeat?  

In his 5 finals trips, (four straight) LeBron has faced the Spurs 3 times which is simply astounding.  For him, as always, everything is on the line.  Can he join the elite Jordanesque company of MJ, Shaq and others?  Can he lift a truly weak team to the title?  The Spurs are ready and raring to go, but, the Heat have lost only one series as a team and they are playing out of their minds right now (even Rashard “Mike Miller” Lewis has been hitting shots!) and LeBron is a man with his legacy on the line – fairly or not.  

From day one of the season I have believed LeBron and the Heat are destined for a Threepeat, no one is going to beat him 4 games out of 7 period.  The Heat know what it takes to win, and this may be their last run with the current squad, they will pull it off.  The Heat will Threepeat and Bron will win his third straight Finals MVP.  


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