Heat Check – Come at the King and You Best Not Miss

At the outset of the NBA playoffs people jumped all over themselves for a chance to throw dirt on what they presumed was the Miami Heat’s casket.  There was no chance they would win the title – none at all!  Many experts assumed it was OKC and Kevin Durant’s year and for a while it appeared they may be right until the team was promptly slapped around in the first two games of their series by the Spurs.  Now everyone, including @madadub are wondering if the Spurs can possibly be stopped.  Remember they are a year older, but Kwahi Leonard is a year better…

Quietly, Miami has been having an unreal postseason, and the past two games have finally shown just how good the Heat can be.  On defence their pressure was so intense last night that Indiana simply could not get anything going from the second half onwards.  Offensively, Wade and LeBron have been their usual selves and are making everyone around them better.  Just keep hitting those wide open shots guys.  In many ways this sort of feels like ’93 or ’97 when Barkley and Malone stole MVP trophies from Jordan and he proceeded to kick their asses in the finals.  Only, we will likely be denied a LeBron vs Durant showdown due to the Spurs and their otherworldly play.  Here is the thing though: the Pacers are throwing everything they have at the Heat and it just does not matter.  I do not think the Heat care who they have to go through or how tough it is.  As a group the big three have lost one series and it was when LBJ had a complete mental breakdown.  The team is so good and has been for so long that it seems we are almost under rating them.  Who, after all, in their right mind would want to take a chance of playing LeBron in a seven game series?  He is too good, his talent ethereal and he is at his absolute zenith.  The Spurs and Thunder are surely praying that Indy comes through (a thought that haunts the nightmares of Adam Silver like a zombie apocalypse.  No one wants that series….not even people from San Antonio) and then do not have to take the chance of beating LeBron four times.  

Lets face it – not easy to do, as the Pacers are finding out now.  As Omar said so eloquently on The Wire, “come at the king and you best not miss”.  The Heat just keep rolling, gutting out wins and turning it on when they need to and truly, they do not care who they have to play.  They feel they can go through anyone – other teams may not feel the same.  


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