Blowing up the Olympics

We all like watching the Olympics.  Every couple of years for two weeks it takes over the sports world and is one of the most exciting and thrilling events we have.  However, there are a few problems with the games and they are not changing anytime soon.  My main issue: the subjectivity of judging.  

If I am blowing up the Olympics and making them at least 20% better! there has to be a way to make all the subjectively judged sports better – but how?  Let’s begin with the summer games, which to be fair have a lot less subjective sports.  Two core concepts will help guide us along: 1) full contact timed races make everything better. 2) make things increasingly difficult.  Take gymnastics, instead of judging the sports, why not make them increasingly gruelling?  Turn everything into a timed obstacle course, or begin to raise the bars or the height of the pummel horse.  Done.  As for diving the answer is even simpler: raise the board after each dive.  Imagine, divers having to jump from increasingly dizzying heights.  If you want to go wild we could even shrink the area they have to dive in to.  Can you see it?  The Russian diver bowing out at 35 metres?  Shaming himself?  It becomes more a test of wills and endurance than any other sport.  Admit it, without fail you would watch this.  

The Winter Games are tougher, but remember, full contact races are always better.  So, all skating is now full contact, no more d.q.s for a slight bump to another skater.  All the subjectiveness is gone.  In snowboarding, time everything, make a super G etc, and have the. Go down the big jump trick course with another rider.  So it is now a race.  Take all the rails you want but you have to beat the other guy down to the bottom.  And, it is full contact.  

You’re welcome Olympics.  You just jumped into the 21st century, while also going back to the roots of the games.  At the end of the day, aren’t they all about being the fastest, strongest and first one down the hill?  


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