Bye Luo

Robbie Luo was traded today.  Canucks fans remember the day he showed up to change our franchise for the better, and now we remember the day he leaves as the day that GM Mike Gillis somehow let two franchise goalies go without getting anything of value in return And let’s not even start on his inability to develop any sort of young players through the draft…  For this particular Canucks team, long time contenders, the window has closed.  Signing guys to big contracts handcuffed this team, none bigger than Luongo (who we are still paying 15% of his remaining salary).  Two Luongo notes: 1) no one did more for this franchise in the past few years then him, and no one could have handled the controversy of last year with more class 2) no goalie ever delighted in giving up a lead in the last few minutes like Bobby Loo.  No lead was ever safe, and if the team had a one goal lead in the last two minutes you knew we were losing that game in a shootout without question.  Teams could get in his head too, Boston figured it out and killed him on the road – had we started Schneider in Game 6 I believe there would be a title banner.  Loo could barely hold a lead with Team bloody Canada in front of him, but he came though and we won a gold medal with him between the pipes.  With Luongo you had to take the good with the bad, but at the end of the day the man had us within one game of a Stanley Cup.  Thanks Luo, all the best with your much deserved fresh start – both you and the team deserve one.  


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