Who does a 9ers fan cheer for?

As the clock ticked down to zero in the NFC Championship, and Richard “my least favorite player not named Eli Manning” Sherman went on his rant (we’ll get there soon) it became clear that I was in a little bit of a conundrum: who do I possibly cheer for in the Super Bowl? 

Firstly, Sherman’s PED induced after game comments in which he called 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree “a sorry receiver” and harkened back to the PED-full glory days of the WWE.  I understand there was a lot of intensity and emotion and PEDs running rampant and Sherman had just made a massive play to seal the Seahawks victory.  However, he then tried to put his hand out to Michael Crabtree – he says to say good game – but it was done in a slightly mocking way. Sherman was trying to get under Crabtree’s skin while he was simply trying to get away back to the bench and the misery of the off season and he tried to push Sherman away and Sherman continued to woof.  Not classy, not classy at all, but what do you expect from a member of LO PEDs (if you think that is the last PED reference, you are very sorely mistaken.  So go on and keep classy Sherman, and keep pretending you are a better person than you truly are. 

How can I choose a team to root for?  Do I go for greatness or legacy?  Or do I go for the team that is essentially my “local squad” living in Vancouver, BC.  The only way to figure it out is to break this down.

Why I should root for the Seahawks  – Were I not a 49ers fan since the early 90’s I would probably be a Hawks fan.  Really, I mean who would not want to cheer for a team totally amped up on performance enhancing drugs?  Seriously, has any member of their defensive backfield not been suspended or investigated for PED use?  Brandon Browner is headed towards a year suspension and so potentially is Earl Thomas.  Sherman faced a suspension last year too…interesting, they should probably change their nickname from LOB to LO PEDs.  Also, this team features one of my favorite coaches ever: Slippery PeDete Carroll, who revitalized USC before ruthlessly abandoning the program and leaving it crippled for years to come due to truly awful sanctions which happened during his watch.  Why would he abandon USC at their time of need?  Why would he take over the most PED soaked team in the NFL?  Anyways, geographically, Seattle is close to Vancouver, but due to the recent rivalry and the intensification between the two teams, this is a tough pill to swallow.  I have also been to a Seattle home game, and it is an incredible atmosphere.  So, I guess there is that. 

Why I should root for the Broncos – In a word: Greatness.  Two Sundays from now we have a chance to watch one of the best players of all time go for his second Super Bowl in three trips.  Manning has just finished one of the best seasons ever, and now is looking to move forwards with a stronger place in history.  For Manning, one number sticks out more than all the others: 3 (or the number of Super Bowls Tom Brady has won), and of course 2 (the number of Super Bowls his brother has won).  Can Manning change his place in history and strengthen his claim for greatest QB of all time?  On Super Sunday he has a huge opportunity to shape his history.  Will he pull it off against the ruthless PED enhanced defense of the Seahawks? 

Either way this will be an amazing game: the NFL’s best defense against an offense that is historically good (in fact: the best in NFL history).  Who comes out on top?  Ultimately irrelevant (although it would be nice for Seattle to have a positive sports moment), who I am cheering for?  Not so tough to figure out.