The Big One – Finally Set

After last week’s indelible finish, Auburn had one more team to take care of in this week’s SEC Championship game (just a small aside: were the two best teams in the conference not Alabama and Auburn?  In essence the Tigers played two straight Championship games and will, SPOILER ALERT!!! be playing three in a row?)

The game was a little bit different than last weeks epic showdown: there were points galore and at one point my dad messaged me to say “This is like a video game”.  Very true and in the fourth quarter with the score 45-42, it looked like another incredible finish was on the way.  Then Auburn simply blew the doors off with their unstoppable running attack, one back, Mason, finished with over 300 yards, against an SEC defense.  This seems more unlikely than last weeks finish.  Auburn has now gotten most of the country to climb aboard their bandwagon, especially since everything worked out for them; namely, OSU was proven to be a pretender.  Thus, Auburn who has come out of the toughest conference in the country will get their shot at the title without anyone questioning their leapfrog of an undefeated team. 

On the other side of the bracket, FSU continued their unbeaten ways, swarming defense and Heisman worthy QB play with a crushing of Duke (maybe they should stick to basketball after all…)  Winston seems to have locked up the Heisman trophy for the most part given that he will, of course, not be charged with rape at this time.  No one knows the real story, but after reading two very illuminating books The System and Scoreboard, Baby both of which expertly highlight different aspects of the game and life surrounding it.  Read these wonderful books to get an idea of how untouchable college football players view themselves and how much the system does to protect them.

In January we will see if another team, FSU, can finally end the SEC’s rein.  I have always felt that they are the only team with the speed and athletes to compete with the SEC.  Auburn will certainly pound the ball mercilessly, but FSU’s tough D could make things more difficult.  In any event, hopefully we will get a real Championship this year and not just the SEC killing whoever comes up against them. 


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