NBA Preview 2013 / 2014

Unbelievably, it the NBA season kicks off in around twenty four hours.  Unreal.  Probably the right time to run some sort of preview, so like last year, here is a two word prediction for each NBA team (amazingly, last year was frighteningly accurate…)


Eastern Conference

Miami Heat – Heat threepeat (BONUS TWO WORDS): Without doubt

Chicago Bulls – East #1

Indiana Pacers – Title contenders?

Brooklyn Nets – Old men (BONUS TWO WORDS): No rings

New York Knicks – All Melo

Atlanta Hawks – Playoffs again

Detroit Pistons – Many jumpers

Cleveland Cavaliers – Waiting game? (BONUS TWO WORDS): LeBron returns?

Milwaukee Bucks – Better now

Washington Wizards – Overrated already

Toronto Raptors – No lottery

Orlando Magic – Not horrible

Charlotte Bobcats – Still horrible

Boston Celtics – Trade Rondo? (BONUS TWO WORDS): Humphries rebounds?

Philadelphia 76ers – 2014 already…


Western Conference

OKC Thunder – Durant rises (BONUS TWO WORDS): First title?

Los Angeles Clippers – Title Only!

San Antonio Spurs – Simply amazing

Houston Rockets – Harden leads (BONUS TWO WORDS): Dwight follows

Golden State Warriors – Darkhorse contenders?  (BONUS TWO WORDS): Shootout winners

Memphis Grizzlies – All D

Minnesota Timberwolves – Love in!

Denver Nuggets – Sliding quickly

Dallas Mavericks – Pretenders now

Portland Trail Blazers – Almost there

Sacramento Kings – Boogie Sugar!

New Orleans Pelicans – Davis awesome

Utah Jazz – Young team

Phoenix Suns – Loaded draft (BONUS TWO WORDS): Next year…

Los Angeles Lakers – Wiggins & Kobe (BONUS WORDS): EPIC FAIL…AGAIN…Kobe shoots…2014 Draft


MVP: LeBron James – could this be the year he finally reaches his ceiling?  Is a triple double in play?  Is literally anything possible?

Rookie of the Year: Victor Oladipo – can anyone name another rook that seems to be in contention?

Most Improved: Anthony Davis – makes the leap this year, 20 / 10 in play.

Defensive Player: LeBron finally gets the recognition he deserves.

Coach of the Year: Might as well give this to LeBron as well.

Executive of the Year: Ditto – is there an award he does not deserve? 










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