Big Changes Coming Soon!

As the few scattered readers of this blog may have noticed there has not been a lot of posting lately – well actually for some time, but that is neither here nor there.  Work has been very busy and time has been in increasingly short demand.  Overall, I have not been happy with the ability to write all the things about the sports world that I want to say. 

Sports is an ever present, ever dynamic and ever fluid business and it never stops.  When you slow down, things move too quickly to catch up and you end up jumping back in, seeming increasingly muddled and confused.  The goals of the Cover Corner when it began were to provide (somewhat) unique perspectives on Sports – all sports.  All of this was of course, perfectly timed with LeBron James and his “decision” which altered the course of the NBA and this Blog spectacularly.  Suddenly, there was always something to write about and always something to be interested in.  Later on, a good friend of mine,  @madadub encouraged me to get into the Premier League which I did with great gusto selecting a team (Chelsea!) over a long stretch of posts.   The natural progression moved to writing about my experiences as a new fan of the Premier League squad. 

As for the NFL, I wrote a weekly “Quick Hits” section where I provided short takes on some of the bigger stories of the week.  Occasionally there were articles about College Football or the NBA or other topics.  Now though they have become scattered and drag slowly and sparsely.  

The bottom line: like everything else The Cover Corner had to evolve and move forward in a new direction.  Without moving forwards you stagnate and eventually fail.  It was time for something new – a direction that is somewhat bold but mostly, I hope, entertaining.  The thought was simple: how can I encompass all of my love of sports in an exciting and unique way.  What perspective is unique and enlightening? 

As I read Peter King’s MMQB article this week (on Canadian Thanksgiving no less) it hit me:  a weekly column, something that could touch on multiple aspects of sports but also be specific enough that it is not simply a surface skimming.  For the past week the thoughts have been turning over and over – how to structure the column, what pieces to include, how to frame the discussion about sports in a new way. 

How indeed.

Stay tuned, because in the next few weeks we will be rolling out a new, (somewhat) fresh take on the weekly column – not up to the standards of King or Simmons, but somewhere (hopefully) in the middling ranks of wannabe sports writers.  Thank you, as always for your patience and your readership.   


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