NFL Quick Hits – Oct 1, 2013

Has October really crept up on us this quickly?  Is the NFL Season already one quarter of the way finished?  The answer to both questions is a resounding “yes”.  Here we go with some quick hits from this past week of football and the season so far:

The 9ers and Seahawks look destined for an epic playoff clash – At some point the NFL’s best rivalry has to explode in the playoffs, and it will be pretty epic.  The Seahawks have had the upper hand so far this year, but the Niners made some positive strides on Thursday night (both defensively and offensively).  Seattle just continues to be in the right place at the right time and play the right kind of football.  Slippery Pete continues to know just how to perfectly coach his team and garner the maximum results from them each and every game.  The playoffs could be decided simply by where the game takes place: QWEST Stadium is such an advantage for the Seahawks that if they get the No. 1 seed it could be all but over.

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady find themselves in another unique battle – Manning has been far and away the league’s best player of the season’s first quarter.  He is on a record setting pace and his team has yet to be troubled in any way by any opponent.  Tom Brady’s team has the same record as Manning’s, has half the star power (aside from Brady) and has barely clung to every single win.  Who has been more important to their team through the first quarter of the season? 

Some surprises – The Giants continue to look like the (2nd) worst team in football and are already looking to add a certain defensive lineman to their team through the draft (or QB?).  In any event, no one thought they would be this bad.  The Jags horribleness; we could see coming a mile away.  How about the division leading Lions; or Cowboys or Saints?  Just a year ago New Orleans was reeling from scandal with their coach off the sidelines for a whole year.  What a difference Payton makes on the sidelines: the team is 4-0 and looking incredibly strong on both sides of the ball. 

Farewell awful QB’s – A moment of silence for the careers of Blaine Gabbert, Mark Sanchez (who I am pretty sure I would like on any other team), Josh Freeman (horrible decision maker: went from potential franchise player to a player desperately seeking a franchise to take a flyer on him), Tim Tebow, Josh Weeden, and tragically, Carson Palmer who seems to have lost the ability to win football games. 



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