NFL Quick Hits – September 16, 2013

What a week!  Most of the morning games end up going down to the wire and then…well, weather related delays continue to be a problem for the NFL. 

Some thoughts

The Pats wide outs are…bad – Coming in to the season many (including Peter King) anticipated an eff you year from Brady where he simply turned it on and made everyone on the team Welker level.  They picked up Danny Amendola and hoped he could avoid injury.  He could not.  Against the Jets the Pats looked awful…and they won.  They won because when gut check time came the Jets simply did not have the players in place to beat them; the final throw from Geno Smith was not good.  Winning ugly feels just the same as winning pretty.


The Colts…err Broncos look great – If you were forcing yourself to choose an MVP of the first two weeks (yes, too soon) then you would have to take a pretty hard look at one Manning, Peyton.  In two games he has thoroughly destroyed both of the past two Super Bowl champs (one could even use the word “annihilate” if one felt) and has proven his value again.  Could he be fully and completely back now?  A scary thought for the rest of the league.


Seattle wins – It happened, ugly all around for 9ers fans. 


Philip Rivers proves himself – As the game came down to the last few ticks of the clock, my brother Just Ross, made several comments about Rivers being the worst QB in the league and how he would promptly throw an interception and give the game to the Eagles.  Except he did not.  Rivers threw the heck out of the ball and managed to pull out a win, proving once and again his value.  I maintain the following: no one has had worse luck than Rivers (even in this game the Chargers gave away two potential touchdowns due to fumbles by Antonio Gates and Ryan Matthews), and if even a few breaks went his way he could easily have a championship banner.  In any event: fantastic close out by Rivers on a day full of plenty (including Arrian Foster and his great two point conversion).



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