NFL Quick Hits – Sept 10, 2013

Week 1 of the 2013 NFL season is in the books, and already things are getting pretty crazy…here are some of the reasons:


Kap is for real – You read that right, Colin Kapernick is actually for real and for us 49ers fans this is a very, very good thing.  Over the off season Kap was slightly overexposed, landing on the cover of everything from GQ, to Sports Illustrated to Cosmo (probably – I would not know as I am not a reader).  It almost seemed like it was too much too fast, until you remember he took us all the way to the Super Bowl and then nearly won the whole thing.  His physical skills were never in doubt but his ability to be a star in the league definitely has been.  On Sunday that all went away: he threw for 412 yards and beat up on the Packers for the second time in as many games.  His arm looked sharp, strong and accurate and for fans going forward he still looks like the future.  The 49ers should win the Super Bowl this season if all goes well.

Reggie Bush is back! – My beautiful wife (and I) have always loved Reggie; he was easily the best college football player I have ever seen in person (DISCLAIMER: I am a huge USC fan) and it always seemed like he never got a really fair shake in the NFL.  This commercial is also one of my favorites:

On Sunday it was nice to see him finally get utilized in the right way.  Although, to be fair he has come on in the last couple of years and become one of the most underrated (and sneaky good) running backs in the NFL.  For him to have a game like he did on Sunday – and let’s be clear, he won the game for the Lions – really means a lot to all the people who feel “Reggah Bush” never got a real chance.  Finally he seems to have a real chance to become the player we all thought he was when he came out of College and for the NFL, this is a great thing.


Give Philip Rivers a break – Rivers has been one of the most maligned QB’s in the league and it has been a very unfair assessment.  He is still one of the ten best players at the position in the league.  With the right cast around him he could win a title, and yet the Chargers have spent most of his career tearing down the teams that seem to be in contention.  Hopefully this season plays out for one of the league’s classiest players.


RG3…interceptions – Now we shift over to a player who did not have the best of days; RG3.  He looked bad.  Plain and simple he was hesitant and tentative and his throws were off all night.  We have heard so much about how quickly players recover from knee injuries now, when in truth, each case is vastly different.  Take Derrick Rose who made what may have been the best decision any athlete recovering from a devastating injury ever has: he took the year off.  Now he can come back and be the player we all expect because he gave his body the right amount of time to properly recover.  How much is linked to promotional campaigns?  ALLINFORWEEK1 became a slogan Washington fans rallied behind when perhaps they should have consider the more important factor of 100%RG3.







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