My Life As A Chelsea Fan – No way, Jose!

As the Chelsea season wrapped up with a Europa Title (hooray!) and a Champs league berth (hooray!) the news began to come out that the team was going to lure former coach Jose “the Special One” Mourinho away from Real Madrid.  If reports are to be believed, Jose was doing literally everything he could to get fired from Real in order to return to the Blues.  This news is good because he is a great coach who has worked with many of the vets still on the team – but is he the man to transition the squad towards a new era with young stars like Oscar and Eden Hazard?  Maybe he is, but a few more important revelations came from this Chelsea season and the most stunning of all might be Frank Lampard.

Lampard has long been championed as the best of England’s golden generation, forever pitted against Beckham and Gerrard in an endless contest for best English midfielder.  There is no reason for this: all three have been remarkable in their own way.  Yet, it seems as if we can finally put it all to rest now that Lampard is probably the best player in the history of Chelsea Football Club. 

How many other players can boast the following resume: goal leader of the club all-time, EPL Champ, Champions League Champ and of course, frequent national team contributor.  His season was also fantastic this year – whenever Chelsea needed a goal he was there.  Whenever they needed a leader, he was there.  Lampard single handedly steadied the team through a tough, transitional year. 

With the return of “the Special One” came the news that Lampard (not surprisingly) too would be returning.  Chelsea will go through another “transitional year” and yet I am oddly optimistic.  There is simply too much talent at the club for them not to compete and with the stepping aside of Sir Alex, there will be a vacancy amongst top coaches; one Jose is more than willing to fill.




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