Sidney Crosby is Pretty Darn Good

In the aftermath of the Blackhawks incredible streak, the NHL has begun to spin a new narrative – Sidney Crosby and his quest for immortality.  Through 30 games this season Crosby has an astounding 48 points, or good for one point per game if he did not play again this entire season.  It has taken the best player in the league nearly two years be completely healed from his brutal concussion but now that he is back we have to begin to ask ourselves where he is going to rank amongst all time greats.  

Last weekend my dad and I joked that Crosby threaten a hundred points in this shortened season and if he achieved the feat, he had to be considered one of the top ten players to ever suit up.  Although he will not hit (but not outside the realm of possible) 100 points this year if you add his points from last year (37 in 22) to this years totals he has an astounding 85 points in just 52 games or 1.63 ppg.  

Those are Gretzky numbers, ladies and gentleman.  A couple of years ago I argued Crosby deserved to be in the Hall of Fame, now I believe he has gone and assured his spot in the vaunted Pantheon of Hockey Greats.  He is far and away the best player in the league but it is his gretz-like ability to make ordinary teammates so much better that makes him truly special.

He has the Pens humming and a second Cup within his grasp – what more can the best hockey player of the past 15 years do to prove he belongs amongst the legends?


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