The Association – It’s Over!

Over the past few weeks, and past few games the NBA season has essentially ended due to the fact that LeBron James has decided to reach his ceiling.  For years and years we have waited and waited and waited for him to stretch to the limits of his ridiculous talents and now it seems like we are starting to see it for the first time.

Spoiler alert: it is awesome to behold.

Here are the breakdowns from his most recent 11 games:

17-25 shooting / 39 points vs. LA Lakers

12-23 shooting / 31 points vs Toronto

9-14 shooting / 23 points vs Detroit

14-31 shooting / 34 points vs Boston

10-18 shooting / 24 points vs Brooklyn

9-17 shooting / 28 points vs Indiana

10-16 shooting / 30 points vs Toronto

13-14 shooting / 31 points vs Charlotte

11-18 shooting / 32 points vs Houston

9-11 shooting / 30 points vs LA Clips

12-18 shooting / 32 points vs LA Lakers

So since January 17th LeBron has the following averages: 205 shots / 126 makes or 61.4%.  Since January. 

During this stretch he has scored 30.36 ppg – I have specifically not factored in his assist or rebound numbers (also incredible) simply because on scoring average and shooting percentage alone he has already won the MVP award.  Unreal.  This is the best basketball player in the world putting it all together and playing with the confidence of having won a title behind him. 

So good day to you KD and Cliff Paul (or is it Chris?)  but this thing is over.  There is no question who the best player in the world is and this season has more than backed it up.  If someone else wins the award it is simply a “this guy deserves it…but maybe we should give it to someone new…” even though everyone will know LBJ is the real MVP (shades of Barkley in ’93 or Malone in ’97). 

LeBron should be celebrated for reaching his towering ceiling for the first time though, and we should finally admit that for those who never saw Jordan, he is the best player we will ever see.  The major reason?  His ceiling is so much (at times frighteningly so) higher than any player in history other than Jordan (or Wilt).  It is much higher than Kobe’s; I would argue he has already reached heights Kobe never has – and higher than Durant ever will.  The time for hating is over and the time for appreciating and soaking in greatness is here.  LeBron is an all time great who is submitting a Pantheon season.  Let’s make sure we enjoy it while we can. 


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