Power Failure

At the conclusion of one of the more bizarre Super Bowls in the history of the NFL, San Fran continued to display bizarre decision making.  Instead of Ted Ginn Jr. making a fair catch and the team taking a shot at the endzone with Colin Kaepernick’s laser arm, he attempted to run back the punt and was tackled as if it were a routine punt return.  For the second straight season a terrible special teams play ends the Niners season. 

Yet, this one felt over at halftime.  I had mentally accepted the fact that my team had lost and they had lost absolutely brutally.  And yet…

Kaepernick is one of the most dynamic players in the league.  In a game of halves, he was stronger in the second.  He did whatever it took to win.  He threw the ball ridiculously well (except for the pick) and they should have pulled this one out.  They did not.  At the key times the team could not get it done.  Again though, I had already mentally accepted they had lost.

And then:

Kaepernick proved he is a game changer.  They scored a ton of points incredibly quickly, it was staggering how fast the momentum swung.  All of a sudden he was unstoppable; he fired up the defense and made big plays with his arms and legs.  He was inspiring and it was stunning to behold.  Even though he made some rookie mistakes, the Niners will be back.  The future in San Fran is incredibly bright for some time to come.  Again Jim Harbaugh is validated for making the swap from Alex Smith to Kaepernick.  He needed a guy who could take the franchise to another level and he found him. 

So even though I am heartbroken, my team is in the best place they have been since 1994 – the Niners are relevant again.  So congrats to Anquan Boldin (who deserved one) and Ed Reed (a classy vet) and Ray Lewis (who didn’t and is not) and Joe Flacco (who should have simply screamed “I’m getting paid!” when he accepted his MVP trophy.  You have to figure he gets at least a few million more than Matt Ryan who has never been in the big game). 

The Niners though, they are back.


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