It is a Super Bowl

This week, two brothers face off in what everyone is calling the Har-Bowl and the biggest game of the year.  Only one Harbaugh will end up raising the Lombardi trophy; the other forced to watch the person closest to him celebrate whilst tasting his own defeat. 

The key to the whole game rests squarely on the shoulders of these two men, and on those of two other men: Colin Kaepernick and Ray Lewis.  Lewis has his team playing like one destined to overcome whatever obstacle has been thrown their way in order to win – take their ridiculous comeback against Denver, or how they hung in against the Pats.  The soon to be retired linebacker has been playing like a man on a mission, and he is desperate to go out a champion.

Kaepernick has added a dimension to the 49ers offense that has been missing since the days of Steve Young or even, gasp, Joe Montana.    The kid has a laser arm, the legs of Mike Vick and the football smarts needed to succeed. 

Two factors sway the game for me:

1) The Ravens D is getting by on reputation alone – A long time ago the Ravens had the most feared crew in the league.  They were one of the all-time greatest units in the history of the NFL.  Now, they are older (way, way older) and getting by on guile and the past. 

2) Frisco is a different team – When the Ravens and 9ers played on Thanksgiving, it was all about defense and conservative game planning.  In 2013, this is a different situation with Kaepernick and Flacco playing to win. 

Kaepernick sways this one, he is a transcendent talent in the midst of one of those incredible seasons that come along for a quarterback once every ten years or so.  He wins this game for the 9ers and with the defense he has behind him we could be looking at the next dynasty in the NFL. 

Yes, I am going there already.

49ers 24 – Ravens 17


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