The Sports Oscars 2013

In the spirit of the 2013 Oscar nominations, it seemed right to celebrate the past year in sports by handing out nominations for the great performers and teams. 

Best Team (the “best picture”)

The Miami Heat

The LA Kings


Manchester City

New York Giants

(note: I am deliberately ignoring the San Fran Giants)

Best Performer – Male (Best Actor)

LeBron James

Tom Brady

Lionel Messi

Adrian Peterson

Miguel Cabrera

Mike Trout

Usain Bolt

Best Performer – Female (Best Actress)

Abby Wambach

Alex Morgan

Jessica Ennis

Pippa Middleton (kidding!)

Christine Sinclair

Best Supporting Performers

Hope Solo (Female)

Dwyane Wade (Male)

Best Story

Miami Heat win title

Giants beat Patriots again

Canada and the US play one of the best soccer games ever

Usain Bolt dominates the sprints

The NHL Playoffs conclude with an epic first Cup for the LA Kings

Chelsea completes a ridiculous Champions League Sequence (beating Barca etc) to capture the title

Please vote on your favorite moments of 2012!






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