Hello there, Hockey

Sometime in the next two weeks the NHL season will begin three and a half months late.  Unless you have been living underground for some time, then you probably know this came about due to a ridiculous series of events that culminated in an ugly, ugly 112ish day lockout.  

Now they are set to return, truly an 11th hour miracle, a hail Mary that managed to connect only because time had completely run out.  The session was on the brink of collapse and instead of making no money, everyone compromised and finally worked hard to get the deal done so we can watch an awful, post lockout season full of out of shape players, a ridiculous playoff fight and terrible injuries.

Do not believe me?  Look at what happened in the NBA post lockout, there were a ton of injuries and out of shape players and the season went rather bizarrely.  The teams that did the best were the ones who had already gelled such as Miami and OKC.  Will this hold true In the NHL?  Probably.  Teams like LA, Vancouver and Pittsburgh will be in the best shape to win.  the really important question is who will be the most out of shape player?  


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