The Association – The Golden State Warriors?!

Warriors continue to roll!

Warriors continue to roll!

Ever since I was a young basketball fan a decade ago, I always sort of liked the Golden State Warriors. For some reason the team by the Bay always seemed to speak to me – especially in the years following the loss of the Vancouver Grizzlies. One of my favorite moments in Basketball was the Golden State Warriors, led by skinny Baron Davis, taking down the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs in one of the most startling upsets in NBA History.
Now the team is rolling for the first time in a decade and has defeated my beloved Miami Heat. How in the world are the (suddenly for real) Warriors capturing the affections of a basketball loving world? Here are some reasons:
1. They have a fantastic young core – In the past couple of years, the team has made some interesting and tough trades; they got rid of Monta Ellis and added injury prone Andrew Bogut (who has yet to contribute significantly this season) to help emerging (injury prone) star Steph Curry. They picked up the talented Klay Thompson and have a solid inside guy with David Lee. The team had to choose between Ellis and Curry and at this point in the season it seems they picked the right young player to build around. Steph Curry is having the best season of his career, and David Lee is amazingly shooting a frighteningly high percentage. Can they keep it up?
They have a great fan base and team history – The team has a genuine tradition of winning going all the way back to the 1970’s (led by the most hated NBA Player of All Time – Rick Barry) and after a very long absence from importance, the Warriors are back. It feels good to have them back, they are a proud franchise that have great fans and the NBA is all the better having their games matter.
They took down the Champs at the last second – The Warriors did not lead from the outset: they clawed and scrapped their way back into the game and Miami gave it away at the end. However, the Warriors just found a way to win and the Heat did not (admittedly, injuries are a factor). What team would attempt to win a game on a back door pass to a 2nd round rookie? The Warriors, that is who. Amazing.
They look like they have great team chemisty – Again, a second round rookie came through for them and everyone was super happy about it! Incredible.
Now, maybe we can talk about getting the banged up Heat back on track; or the incredible Knicks who are laying the smack down on the rest of the league. Melo = MVP?


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