Two Word NBA Previews 2012 / 2013

The Cover Corner has decided to do something a little bit different for our NBA Coverage this year (which given there is no hockey will be rather extensive this year…) but more on that later on.  First, with the season about to begin it is time to give some predictions – instead of long, drawn out writings though, we decided to simplify it all, with just two words about each team.

We begin in the East, with last year’s champs:

Miami Heat – Heat Repeat

Atlanta Hawks – Weird Lineup

Orlando Magic – Lottery Team

Washington Wizards – Wall’s leap?

Charlotte Bobcats – Less Bad

Milwaukee Bucks – Two Gunners (BONUS TWO WORDS) One Ball

Chicago Bulls – No Rose

Cleveland Cavaliers – Playoff Darkhorse

Indiana Pacers – NuAtlanta Hawks

Detroit Pistons – Solid Core

Philadephia 76ers – Bynum Worthy?

Boston Celtics – Slightly Older

New York Knicks – All Melo

Brooklyn Nets – NYC’s Best

Toronto Raptors – No Chance

Now, we can move on to the West where there are only 8 Playoff spots and eleven real contenders…

Utah Jazz – Slightly Better

Denver Nuggets – Highly Entertaining

Minnesota Timberwolves – Playoff Lock (BONUS TWO WORDS) Love MVP

Portland Trailblazers – Not Great

OKC Thunder – Title Contender

LA Clippers – West #3

Sacramento Kings – Another Lottery (BONUS TWO WORDS) Cousins All-star

Phoenix Suns – Actually Decent

Golden State Warriors – Shaky Ankles

LA Lakers – Epic Fail?

Memphis Grizzlies – Playoff Lock

New Orleans Hornets – Way Better

Dallas Mavericks – Lottery Bound

Houston Rockets – Linsanity Explodes

San Antonio Spurs – Still Great

And now you have some idea of how the NBA Season will go…more to come soon.





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