NFL Quick Hits – Oct 23, 2012

With Week 7 finished on the NFL calendar, we are beginning to get a clearer picture of what parity looks like:

Hello Texans – Just when the Texans stumbled, they managed to come back and smack the Ravens brutally.  They looked bad, downright bad and Joe Flacco looked terrible.  How can he expect a huge payday when his play is night and day.  This team has lived and died with its defensive identity but giving up 43 points essentially kills that dying myth.

A-Rodg and the Pack are back – After the horrible, horrible start, the team has made a genuine comeback.  No quarterback has played better the past two weeks than Rodgers.  He has 9 touchdowns…ridiculous.  Welcome back.

Cards cool off – The red hot Zona Cards have now fallen off and a loss to the Vikes does not help.  Fantastic win though for Minnesota and the seemingly indestructible Adrian Peterson (153 yards rushing) who are atop their division.

One score games – Almost every single game this week came down to one score; two went to OT and another had a last second winner.  Incredible.  The league continues to increase the competition.

The NFL’s Best Team is…- The Texans.  Their defense is great, their offense is multi-dimensional and they play in a weak division.  The road to the Super Bowl is clear.

The Super Bowl will be…49ers v. Texans




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