NFL Quick Hits – October 14, 2012

Another surprising week of NFL action is almost in the books, here is what went down:

The Falcons remain undefeated – Despite Matt Ryan doing everything he could to throw the game away (3 picks) the Falcons hung on and came back to win over the Raiders.  They are the class of the NFC for better or worse given what the 49ers went and did today.

The 49ers had a shot at revenge and blew it – Everyone picked the 9ers.  Everyone.  They were the lock of the week without question and they ended up blowing it big time.  They let the Giants come out to a big lead and never got back into the game.  Overall a terrible performance by the supposed best team in the NFL.

Cleveland takes the battle of Ohio – The Browns came out firing and put away Dalton and the Bengals with a big time td pass from Brandon Weeden.  Could they finally be making a move, at the right time with the Bengals and Steelers regressing?

The Steelers gave away a win – The Steelers had a chance to win the game Thursday with a 54 yard field goal and blew it.  Should they have taken another couple of shots down the field?  Probably, but they handed this one to Matt Hasselback and the Titans.

Mike Vick should have had a win – Vick played better (but still turned the ball over twice) but lost to Detroit in overtime.  Good win for the Lions who were getting increasingly desperate for a big victory.  They gutted one out and in this league, that counts for a whole lot.

The Chiefs may have more problems than just QB – Brady Quinn stepped in this week and they got absolutely smoked by Tampa Bay.  Some major work is needed.


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