NFL Quick Hits – Oct 8, 2012

Another week is finished in the NFL calendar and what an enlightening and record setting evening weekend it was:

Drew Brees gives Saints fans something to cheer for – In this tumultous season for Brees and the Saints, it was very important that he lead by example.  Setting a new record for consecutive games with a td pass is a nice start.  Congrats to Brees and nice for him to do so with Sean Payton there in the house.

Can the Niners beat up on another conference for awhile? – After easily dispatching the Jets, the 9ers destroyed the Bills.  Impressive, but more so when you realize the Niners ran for 300 yards and Alex Smith passed for 300.  The team is known for defense but in the past couple of weeks its offense has been on par especially with Colin Kapernick adding another dimenson out of the wildcat.

Eli Manning…again – Manning managed to pull out another one after a tough start.  Way to go Giants.  Looking forward to them getting smoked next week.

Philly almost wins another – Despite two lost fumbles, Mike Vick had the Eagles in position to win when the Steelers drove down and pulled it out.  Say what you will about Vick but he has given Philly every chance to win.

Cam Newton fails again – For the second straight week a Newton fumble dooms the Panthers.  He needs to hold on to the ball and keep the heroics to a minimum.

Quote of the Year – Jimmy Johnson on the FOX pregame show after a video of him and Terry Bradshaw dancing to “Gangam Style”: “I used to be feared.”  Then a head shake.  Priceless.


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