Being Liverpool – A Chelsea Fans Review

Being Liverpool is three weeks into its run and already it feels like watching the training video for Hindenburg pilots given how the season has started for one of the most legendary clubs in the world.

As a Chelsea fan, I have been enjoying the propaganda going on – given that we only seem to see good aspects of this whole process and not the usual back and forth you would anticipate happening on the pitch at a major club.

Then there was last night: during a seven minute (approximately) Luis Suarez section, in which he signed his new contract and hung out with teammates, no mention whatsoever was made of the fact he missed eight games last season for racially abusing Patrice Evra.  Nor was any mention made of the brawl he started against Man United by refusing to shake Evra’s hand.  Hate to say it, but this is a major sticking point for the club going forward.  I understand they may want to attempt to move past it, but this “all access” thing Fox soccer allegedly has seems to be much less than “all” at this point.

As a Chelsea fan I understand sometimes wanting to move past ugly incidents from the past season.  I mean what can you say about John Terry other than he is a leader, a legend, and a man who learns auditorially (or through repeating things he allegedly said…) but for Being Liverpool to blatently ignore Suarez’s past crimes is completely inexcusable and reveals the show for exactly what it is: propaganda.

This is a carefully put together and expertly crafted show which gives virtually no explanation as to the team’s struggles to get back to the top.  Rather it simply shows a monotonous series of training which seems to yield no solutions to the team’s previous season struggles, nor any reasons for hope for this current campaign (aside from a new manager and random series of new transfers).

And yet, here I am hoping I will get the chance to sit through Being: Chelsea.


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