NFL Quick Hits – Sept 30, 2012

Another topsy turvy week in the NFL is finished and a lot of strange things seems to be happening.  The Cover Corner will now attempt to make sense of the ongoing bizarre season:

The Vikes lead the NFL’s toughest division – This is a genuine shocker, but Christian Ponder (one of the smartest players in the NFL) is playing well and leading a strong team through the first four games.  They have wins over the 49ers and Lions in consecutive weeks, both of which were great teams last season.  If the Vikes can maintain their pace and get to ten or eleven wins, they will easily cruise into the postseason.

The 49ers are back – After taking a week off against the Vikings, the team came back strongly and annihilated the New York Jets (a surprisingly easy task these days).  Welcome back to Super Bowl contention boys, and way to go getting it back together.  The Jets on the other hand are falling apart and a pedestrian day by Mark Sanchez (13 of 29 for 103 yards and a pick) does not help.  This is a team in deep, deep trouble especially with the loss of top wideout Santonio Holmes.

The Texans roll on – Another week, another Houston victory.  This is a team flying under the radar, but flying very high.  From top to bottom, the Texans may be the deepest team in the NFL and they are making it look easy as they rolled over the Titans.

Vintage Peyton – The elder Manning was a gunslinger today against the Raiders and managed to go 30 – 38 for 338 yards and 3 tds.  Can we ever really count this guy out?

Do not sleep on the Cards or the Pack – The Cards, as of this writing, have made a ridiculous comeback and have now tied the upstart Fins.  The Pack lead New Orleans by 1 in a game that has seen a resurgence of both Aaron Rodgers (4 tds today) and Drew Brees (who has thrown for 400 yards).  Unreal.

The Seahawks deserved to lose today – Some sort of balance for the league and the Hawks?  Their controversial win on Monday was one of the most despicable things I have ever seen.  At no point did Golden Tate have possession of the ball.  At no point did he not commit pass interference.  How the replay officials missed this is disgusting.  So, they lost today…good.



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