NFL Quick Hits – Sept 23, 2012

Week 3 of the NFL season is almost int he books and again we have seen a rash of upsets and unexpected outcomes. Here are some thoughts:

The Saints are 0-3, this is hugely unexpected – Before the season began, many people (myself included) expected the Saints to have a comeback season in which they destroyed everyone. The team was clearly mad, angry as hell and desperate to prove themselves to the rest of the league. Now, three weeks in, it all appears to be for naught. This is a team with a rudder and this season should show just how important and valuable Sean Payton is as a coach. The loss to KC this week was one they should not have sustained, but the Chiefs played for OT and managed to eke out a win. There is a good chance this will be a very rough season for Saints fans.

Three OT games make for high drama – The Lions, Jets and Chiefs all clawed their way back into their respective games and two out of three managed to come away with a win. Exciting football on a day when defense was virtually not in existance league wide. The Titans should be commended for their offensive explosion, especially when it all came from Jake Locker. Chris Johnson is proving to be incredibly useless.

The Vikes beat the 9ers – So much for my dreams of an undefeated season and unstoppable march to the Super Bowl. The team can still make noise in the postseason and get all the way through, but they are going to have to prove they can stand up to physical teams that are determined to run the ball.

Tough day for the Rooks – Second year QB’s Andy Dalton and Blaine Gabbert (okay, not so much Gabbert who got a lot of help from MJD) outduelled rooks Andrew Luck and RGIII, though both played phenomenal games. The Colts simply could not hang on to get the win and the Redskins attempted a furious comeback that fell short. All in all though a great time for young QB’s in the league.

The Cards are for real – As of this writing, the Cards are leading the mighty Eagles 24-6 and things are not looking good for Vick’s crew. They are looking good though, for Mr. Kevin Kolb and the miracle Cards. This is a surprisingly good team that has a genuinely good chance to make some noise in a suddenly deep division. Amazing. Truly amazing. Another week already come and gone and the Cards still undefeated. They are also not simply beating up on subpar teams: they have taken on the Pats and Eagles. Impressive.

So much for the Bears Drama – After more than a week of swirling rumors and drama the team calmly dispatches the Rams with clinical efficiency.

Did that field goal go through?- I must have watched the final shot of the Ravens / Pats game six or seven times and I am not sure.  The ball either squeaked through or went over the top of the upright.  Each angle they showed (never from the back) was unclear.  There was absolutely no definitive proof that the ball went through.  At the very least it should have been reviewed.  Bad day for the replacements.


One comment on “NFL Quick Hits – Sept 23, 2012

  1. Yet, each QB is trying to reverse the fortunes of their respective teams. And, in doing so, both are on track to possibly write themselves into the NFL record books, starting this season. That’s saying quite a lot considering the rookie company they’re in, with five talented rookie QBs starting under center in 2012.

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