Quick Hits – Sept 17, 2012

Week 2 already in the books…some thoughts on what transpired:

Nobody looks “Super”…except for San Fran – The 49ers have now beaten two playoff teams in convincing fashion, and most importantly, Alex Smith has looked under control and excellent.  Coming in to the season it was clear their defense was going to be incredible, and it has been as advertised.  The offense has been a revelation: the recieving core is much stronger and they are unafraid to take chances down the field.  It is also nice to be bookended by one of the best running backs in the league, Frank Gore.  The Niners are here to stay and look like they are built to win in January.

Eli Manning steps up – After three awful interceptions, Manning returned to throw for 510 yards and lead the Giants to victory.  A troubling factor though: the secondary for the GMen are horrible.  Tampa went up and down on them and they simply could not stop anybody.

The NFC West is no longer a joke – The Seahawks, Rams and Cards all won yesterday and the magic of Kevin Kolb (can Kolbmania be far behind?) continues.  Given this conference was an afterthought for a long period it is nice to see them making a return to glory.

Mike Vick gets it done – In a game the Eagles should have lost, Vick managed to lead them to victory again despite losing the turnover battle, badly.  Vick is a gamer, and it is time that we recognize that even though they are winning ugly, they are winning.

Good Luck – This week it was Andrew Luck’s turn to play well and win his first game as the quarterback of the Colts.  Good for him to get one, and play turnover free ball.

New Orleans is in trouble – The team is simply off.  Totally off.  Brees has not looked sharp; they have looked completely out of sync on offense and defense.  Very troubling for all those who picked them to make it to the playoffs…(myself included).


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