My Life as a Chelsea Fan – Sept 6, 2012

The 2012 / 2013 Premier League season has already hit the first international break.  We are three games in and it is way past time to complete overvalue my team, as they currently sit at the top of the table.  Chelsea made some pretty incredible moves in the offseason and none has paid bigger dividends then that of Eden Hazard.

Hazard has had – even with RVP floating out for Man U – the biggest impact.  He has rejuvenated the career of Fernando Torres and has, seemingly (we are three games in) secured Chelsea’s future for years to come.  The team is firing on all cylinders at a time when both United and City have stumbled coming out of the gate.  For City there seems to be a slight title hangover and a small case of the “disease of more”, while United is still struggling to gel and Wayne Rooney really does not seem interested in playing all that much.

Chelsea though, is firing.  The team is playing well, and they are playing hard and they are finding ways to win the tough games.  Torres is rediscovering what it means to score goals and Hazard has given the team a dimension they previously lacked.  Defensively the team looks slow at times (looking at you Captain, Leader, Legend) but got younger through the transfer window.  Gary Cahill has come into his own and is playing with real confidence.  Ashley Cole continues to be one of the best left backs in the game and Petr Cech continues to be the best keeper in the game.

It may be time to break up this dynasty because if the season ended right this moment, I would be pretty satisfied with the 2012/2013 Blues.


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