NFL Preview

The NFL – which could not pack more games into a given week if they tried – starts tomorrow!  Back to months and months of titanic clashes between giants of sport.  Here are The Cover Corner’s predictions:

NFC Playoff Teams – Dallas, Philly, Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, San Fran

NFC Championship – Green Bay (thanks to an angry perfomance by Aaron Rodgers who plays at an incredibly high level this season) vs. Philly (ditto Mike Vick)

NFC Champ – The Eagles (teams with high expectations one year often do better the following year when the pressure has been taken off.  Vick stays relatively healthy and leads the Eagles to the Big Game)

AFC Playoff Teams – Denver, New England, Houston, San Diego, KC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincy

NFC Championship – New England vs. Baltimore

NFC Champ – New England (Brady and co will play very well, and you can never, ever turn your back on a Belichek system)

Super Bowl – In a track meet, New England wins the title.

MVP: Aaron Rodgers, GB

Offensive Player – Aaron Rodgers, GB

Defensive Player – Patrick Willis, SF

Offensive Rookie – Andrew Luck, Indy

Defensive Rookie – Bruce Irwin, Seattle



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