The 2012 / 2013 Cover Corner College Football Preview

This year’s 2012 / 2013 College Football Preview comes down to three, simple letters:


The Big Questions break down as follow:

Can USC overcome whatever SEC Challenger comes out to face them?  LSU and Alabama will be great again (as every year) but this might be the first in which they are vulnerable.  Two teams in the PAC – 12 could easily win the National Championship (Oregon being the other one).  This season there are virtually two conferences with everyone else on the outside looking in.

Can Wisconsin overcome the fact that they are simply not as good as USC, LSU, Alabama or Oregon?  Probably not.  Wisconsin cannot really play great defense and any SEC Team can destroy their offense with a suffocating D (see all the previous overrated examples like O-State multiple times).  The other teams in the Big 10?! (who knows what the bloody conference is called) that could “make noise” are Michigan St and Michigan.  However, the Wolverines will play Alabama this week and will be blown away.  Long story short, the Badgers will not win the National Title.

Can anyone beat Matt Barkley in the Heisman race?  It always seems as if the presumptive champ never ends up being the winner: Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Matt Leinart….etc.  How will this play out, something tells me Barkley will be alright and will finish up being very competitive and in the race until the last week.

National Champs: Three little letters…USC.



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