The Premier League Preview

Now that I have an English Premier League team to cheer for (in case you missed my epic journey it ended up being Chelsea) I can be excited for a new season.  Finally a sport is being played that I can follow and enjoy – I have tried baseball but can only get into the playoffs.  Chelsea seems primed for a great run thanks to multiple great signings (Hazard, Oscar…) while others did not do much (Man City – keeping their incredible squad together).  Who will come out on top?

Man U.

Man City will be a year better, and they have an incredible team as it is.  However…they barely beat a beat up and hack filled Man U team that had to rely on 90 year olds Paul Scholes (who came out of retirement for crying out loud!) and Ryan Giggs.  This year they made “the move” – just yesterday in fact.  Man U snagged the biggest of transfer prizes: RVP.  Arsenal finally sold their vaunted striker to one of their great rivals.  Having someone to play off of makes Wayne Rooney even more ridiculously dangerous.  Now he has a shored up midfield, a healthy Tom Cleverly and the best striker in the EPL.  City may still have a ton of striker talent and are a more established team, but RVP gives Rooney a new weapon not unlike the old Ronaldo days. 

My Top Five:

1) Man U

2) Man City

3) Chelsea (I really wanted to put them 2nd…)

4) Newcastle

5) Tottenham

Enjoy the kick off on Sunday!


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