Screw U…SA

On Monday, a new team joined the “Pantheon of Teams I Hate the Most” (Alongside the Post-Shaq Lakers, Eli Manning, Any Team from Boston, Vince Young, most teams from Texas, Russia and USA Hockey and the Toronto Maple Leafs ) – that team is of course USA’s Female Soccer Team.

Rarely can I remember turning on a team so quicky and completely.  After their performance in the semi-finals against Canada however, I can honestly say I am straining for a team I despise more (aside from the Bruins and USA Hockey).  Then there was the team’s performance afterwards; in case you missed it, both Hope Solo and Alex Morgan attempted to devalue Canada (and Christine Sinclair’s) efforts.  Solo said Sinclair was able to score 3 incredible goals due to US defensive lapses.  The first goal Sinclair scored, by the way, was absolutely stunning.  She dangled two US defenders and then powered the ball past Solo in a near superhuman effort.  Her second and third goals (both through the air) came with Sinclair being simply better than anyone else on the field.  Rising far above everyone else on the pitch and positioning herself in the perfect place at the perfect time.

Alex Morgan was also in on the bashing of Canada, saying the US simply did not consider the game a real challenge and that Canada’s fitness was simply not there.  Morgan was among the most dangerous players on the field but Canada kept her under wraps until the last few moments….which were aided of course by two of the worst goddamn calls in the history of sport.

To recap: Canadian goalkeeper Erin Macleod was called for holding the ball for more than 6 seconds which almost never happens without a warning first.  To make matters worse, Hope (may she be forever) Solo held the ball more than 3 times for over TEN SECONDS – once for 14 seconds!  To make matters even worse: Abby (I hate this woman) Wambach stood counting with the referee to point out the foul because “they had to have a goal”.  Cheap.  So very very cheap.  What followed was an absolute travesty.  The ball was kicked at a Canadian player who never reacted or moved towards the shot at all.  It hit her elbow which was tucked against her body (which is not a violation of the rules!!!!) and was called for a handball.  The US got a penalty shot which they buried to tie the game 3-3.

After the game, Sinclair went off due to the horrible officiating and I do not blame her at all.  Then came word that she might be suspended for the Bronze Medal game with France for her comments.  None of the US Players like Solo and Morgan were in line for suspension despite their comments.  Had she been suspended and I was a Canadian athlete with no medal chances, I would have withdrawn from the games in protest.

Long story short, I hate Women’s US Soccer.  I hate Hope Solo and Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach and Megan Rapino and Kelly O’Hare lose.  I hope they lose to the much better Japanese team that should hand them their butts and knock them off their self-made pedastal.  Then I hope Canada wins bronze because damnit, no team or player has ever deserved it more than Christine Sinclair.  As she stands on the podium and accepts her bronze I hope the USA knows that notice has been served and Canada is going to catch them one day.

One day Canada will beat them.

On that day I will cheer as loudly as I ever have.

Until that day, Japan’s (hopefully massive and back breaking) victory will have to do.


2 comments on “Screw U…SA

  1. With a 4-3 semifinal victory against Canada late in the second period of extra time Monday, the U.S. women’s soccer team advanced to play Japan for Olympic gold. The Americans also get a shot at payback for the island nation’s victory on penalty kicks in the World Cup last summer.

  2. I also hate the US team. I’m a new fan of the women’s soccer team and although it was years ago, I don’t think I’d have respect for that team. Even if our girls are playing in the NWSL, I don’t really like the US players they have to play with 😦

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