Olympic Thoughts

Some quick thoughts on the Olympics at the end of the first week of competition:

Congrats Canada! – Specifically Brent Hayden who finally got a much deserved bronze medal in swimming and the womens soccer team who made the quarterfinals of a major tournament for the first time in history!  Congrats ladies, and Brent (and all the other athletes doing us proud) – some major tests ahead but we are playing hard and no one has been sent home for racially insensitive tweets!  Yes!

Clara Hughes is tougher than anyone – The lady who has competed in every Summer and Winter Olympics since ’96 just finished her astounding career (the only person in history to medal at multiple summer / winter Olympics and she carried the flag in Vancouver – if we ever get another Canadian Olympics she will deservedly light the torch) after admitting that she had to train with a broken back.  A final golf clap for the most incredible Canadian athlete in recent memory.

Lochte / Phelps…Franklin?! – Missy Franklin has been incredible, and Michael Phelps has proved his mettle now.  In his last three events (he still has a relay to go) Phelps has won gold.  Vet moves by the greatest Olympian ever – 17 Gold All-Time (21 total).  Farewell Ryan Lochte, Phelps and upstart Franklin have stolen your games.

Basketball Team says “Game On” to Dream Team – The Supreme Team has now done something that the Dream Team never did in setting several all-time scoring records.  They destroyed a team by 80+ points – a team with NBA Players.  Unbelievable.  Game on Dream Team.  Somewhere Michael Jordan angrily begins looking into time traveling and how he can get the Dream Team into 2012 to play a seven game series.

Now on to the track and field next week!



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