Catching Up

For the past couple of weeks I was on vacation in Italy / France (yes, I was in Italy during “the match – but more on that later) and missed a lot of huge stories from the world of sports.  In this post I will run through a gauntlet of info and opinions so please bear with me while I tackle old news.  Starting of course with…

Steve Nash to the Lakers – In many ways this is a dream scenario, and in many ways this is my ultimate nightmare.  The Lakers have made a couple of moves in the past few weeks that I am struggling to balance and make sense of: they picked up Steve Nash and one of my local town heroes Rob Sacre in the draft.  Two of my favorite guys on the same team…with my least favorite player in NBA history, Kobe Bryant.  Now the news is the Lakers are making a hard charge at the Dwightmare.  This is a tough one.  I desperately want Nash to get a ring / I desperately do not want Kobe to get one (keep in mind I respect the man immensely but do not want to see him get another ring).  If Dwight “Shawn Kemp-esque family man” Howard joins the mix – a man whom I have no respect for – I do not know what I will do.  My head will explode.

DWill and the new look Nets – The Nets made some moves, the biggest of which involved keeping “superstar” Deron Williams and trading for “max contract albatross” Joe Johnson.  Are they a playoff team now?  Sure.  Did they make a good choice not getting the Dwightmare?  I do not know.  They could be a good team but will not approach elite levels.  Yet, in a very weak East this year they could easily steal a 3 slot if Williams has the season we are all waiting for him to have.

Ray Allen says eff you to the Celtics – The Miami Heat made a huge move to keep up with everyone else in the league and picked up two of the best three point shooters of all time in Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis.  Wow.  Allen throws a huge finger at the Celtics and ends up making significantly less money to play for a much better team.  Fantastic.  He wants to win and he just might end up with more titles than Pierce and Garnett.  Lewis will provide instant offense off the bench and makes the Heat much more dangerous than ever.

RVP to Juventus / Man City / Man United… – From what I gathered from the Italian papers (and keep in mind my grip on the language is nonexistent) he is going to Juventus.  At least according to what I assume were witty puns the writers were using.  No need for other teams to stay in the running then I suppose.  City though, seems to want him just to keep him away from United.

Paris St. Germain makes some moves – PSG picked up Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic from AC Milan in what can only be called a bizarre move by the Italian Club.  Might just make PSG a Champs League contender.

I wish I could read Italian / French – On the cover of Italian Vanity Fair?  Mario Balotelli.  On the cover of French Vanity Fair?  Zinedine Zidane.  Pure gold and I could not understand any of it.

Spain impressive – Watching “the match” in Rome was nuts.  The streets were packed with flag wearing people and jerseys were everywhere.  The most common name?  Balotelli.  People genuinely love him in Italy and he responded with a fantastic tourney.  Spain was just better, exponentially so.  They controlled the game from the outset.  And then Fernando Torres snagged the Golden Boot.  Amazing, truly amazing.  As the Men in Blazers stated “he has had the best worst season ever”.  Spain cemented their place as one of the greatest teams ever.

Summer Sports Reading – What to do during these sports less months?  Read about sports of course!  Here are some suggestions (broken down by sport):

Basketball – The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons / Loose Balls by Terry Pluto / Unfinished Business by Jack McCallum / Wilt by Wilt Chamberlain.

Hockey – Net Worth by David Cruise and Allison Griffiths / The Game of Our Lives by Peter Gzosnowski / The Game by Ken Dryden

Baseball – The Devil Wears Pinstripes by Jim Caple

Soccer – Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby / Among the Thugs by Bill Buford / 40 Years of Shite

Football – Boys will be Boys by Jeff Pearlman

Enjoy the reads and hopefully we will have some final news on the Dwightmare shortly.

Happy Summer!



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