Miami Thrice Title Quest Diary – Post Game

Last week for the first time in the two year history of the Big Three, LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade played exactly as we envisioned…and it was absolutely brilliant.  They made the extra pass, the attacked the boards like rabid wolverines and they were lights out when they got open shots.

LeBron absolutely dominated and in taking the entire focus of the Thunder’s overmatched defense allowed all of Miami’s miracle three’s to be shot completely open.  On defense he terrified the Thunder into bad shots and sloppy passes all night.  Every time he found a wide open shooter he was rewarded, and the amount of free dunks for Wade and Bosh is a testament to that.

Then there were the little things: the Heat outhustled the Thunder to every loose ball and played to win from the outset.  Shane Battier and Mike Miller made sure they earned their first title by burying nearly all their threes in an outrageous display.  Each time Mike Miller shot @madadub and I yelled “No!”  which turned into “Another one!!!  Unbelievable!”  Bosh and Wade contributed spectacular blocks and LeBron had another one that should have ended up in the stands.

Making the right play at the right time is hard, and in the playoffs LeBron was able to do so each and every time.  Before Game 6 of the Boston series LeBron needed a hard gut check and he took it.  His response was unbelievable and he suddenly got it.  The light went on and he knew that the only way to a Championship is the hard way.  He earned it big time and with one of the best seasons in NBA history.  Before Game 6 he did not seem to want it – and then suddenly he did.  From that point on he did what superstars have to in order to win: make everyone around them better.  LeBron lifted his team each and every second of the game.

The Heat saw exactly how well they can play – when LeBron leads the way.

Miami’s best players have to be LeBron, Bosh and then Wade.  Can Wade occasionally take over?  Sure, but the Heat are best when he takes a step back and Bosh moves forward.

Going forward this team could be genuinely scary: LeBron, at 27, has finally figured out what it takes to win.  And he is the best player in the world.  He admits this was the hardest thing he has ever done, period.  A relaxed ‘Bron?  Truly terrifying (even Westbrook was beaten in Game 5 – it was like he had literally done everything he could have but watched them lose.  He just had nothing left).

Some thoughts on the afterparty:

– Miami could easily have spent more than 200k, but they took it easy.

– What made LBJ decide to throw on the “Vampire LeBron” shirt for the celebration?  Was he saving it for five or six years and telling himself “when I win a title I am finally going to wear this shirt”

Could Miami and OKC have a series of epic battles going forward?  Durant is going to win four or five titles and Miami could win a couple more.  These teams will meet again with something serious on the line.  Bill Simmons wrote that one of the most important things for Superstars is to be pushed by a rival.  LeBron had virtually vanquished all of his, but Durant will not go away.  This rivalry has the chance to go the distance.

We as fans, cannot wait.



2 comments on “Miami Thrice Title Quest Diary – Post Game

  1. on the contrary, Karl Malone and Charles Barkley had the teams to win the big one! The issue was that they ran into THE greatest player of all time. Had they played anyone else, they win it all. Michael had a bigger desire for the ring and nobody could take it from him.

  2. Udonis Haslem didn’t do anything fantastic in the finals, but he was the only “big” who saw any playing time besides Chris Bosh. He set picks, grabbed boards, and made hustle plays. And he was also HUGE in their win in the Celtics Series, especially when Bosh was out with injury. He’s only 6’8″ and was often guarding 7 footers, and then having to switch off on screens to guard speedy guards like Westbrook, Harden and Rondo.

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