Miami Thrice Title Quest Diary – THE TITLE!!!



Everyone on the court went above and beyond to earn this title.  LeBron did everything he had to and defensively the team was brilliant.  All the little things got done.

And then there was Shane Battier and Mike Miller.

Playing for the title both were absolutely lights out.  Miller did exactly what they brought him in for two years ago – he hit threes when LeBron found him with the pass.  The Thunder collapsed four players on LeBron all night and he cut them apart with his passing.


A Ring for the King…and he earned it, the hard way.

One of the ten best players in the history of the league just earned his first title.  He was Larry Bird 2.0.  Not Wilt.  Larry Bird.  This was his greatest postseason ever – perhaps the greatest postseason performance of all time.

Miami are NBA Champs!

LeBron, Wade, Bosh all earned it tonight.  The smile on LBJ’s face and the fact he was not letting that trophy go said it all.  His girlfriend may also be sleeping alone tonight….

Congrats to the Champs!





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