Miami Thrice Title Quest Diary – June 18, 2012

By the end of the fourth quarter of last night’s game – Father’s Day naturally – my dad, brother and I were all standing and shouting at the TV.  We were living and dying with each possession.  Again Miami had to fight their way through to the end for a victory.  Unlike the last couple of games, they ended up benefitting from some ridiculously sloppy play by the Thunder.  Westbrook simply cut the wrong way and Thabo threw the ball to DWade – while looking right at Westbrook.  It was like watching one of those bizarre brain freeze moments where the muscle just kicks in and you have to watch in slow motion the worst possible thing happen.

Then again, the Thunder benefitted by horrible play in the last couple of minutes from Dwyane Wade.  During these playoffs I have become frequently “distrustful” of DWade: he is easily the most arrogant man still battling for the Championship and his selfish play has cost the Heat dearly.  His terrible turnover, where he simply thought he was better than Sefolosha, led to a minute lead for the Heat.  Aside from James Harden’s flopping, Wade’s overconfidence has been the most aggravating thing about these finals.

Aside from shooting terribly, Chris Bosh played well and with some energy (if only he could have hit some shots) and his offensive rebounding was fantastic.  The Heat have simply decided the ticket to winning is to beat up OKC on the boards and they have been very successful to this point.  Several key Heat baskets have been the result of offensive boards – LeBron had a steal of a basket – and their ticket to victory may be through rebounding.

The Heat need one more game at least at home – and it would be best if the boys did not have to go seven.  OKC is a tough place to play and the Heat need to avoid it if possible.  LeBron continues to put the team on his back; but it is clear now that he has help.  The Heat want it.  They really, really want it.

Then again, two epic LBJ games are due in addition to an epic Durant outing.  This will not be easy.  Back to watching between my fingers.


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