Miami Thrice Title Quest Diary – June 14, 2012

Miami struggled last game to close out OKC in the second half, but there is reason for optimism.  Here are five:

1) LBJ has at least two monster games lurking – Given what he did in Boston, he can easily do the same against OKC.  This series is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.  No one is better than LBJ.  No one.

2) The Heat will make adjustments – In the second half of game one, Miami seemed totally disorganized and no one seemed to know who was guarding who.  LeBron switched off at least a dozen times, frantically waving at confused teammates to cover open Thunder shooters.  This game they should be more organized.

3) Shane Battier wants it badly – Shane has waited a long, long time to get to the NBA Finals and in the opening minutes it was very clear that he intends to fully seize the opportunity.  On Tuesday he played lights out for 90% of the game.  Can he continue?  We will see, but effort will not be a problem.

4) DWade will play the “right way” – By the “right way” I mean he will defer to LeBron and do enough to help the team win (ie. “score points”).  Without Wade the Heat will not win.  Might be about the time for him to get his knee drained again…He really has nowhere to go but up.

5) Chris Bosh will get comfy – Bosh looked off on Tuesday, but he should settle in tonight.  He wants to win, period.  He will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

And…5 Reasons the Heat will not be Okay…

1) OKC is deep and young…very deep and very young – They made the Heat look slow.

2) OKC is unselfish – On a two on one, Westbrook did not take it to the rim like Wade would, but instead made an unselfish pass.  The right pass.  Sometimes their unselfishness is maddening when you have spent two years watching the freaking Miami Heat.

3) Harden will heat up – Big Game James only played 22 minutes and really had no offensive impact.  Tonight will be different.  Harden is too good to be a second fiddle for long.

4) Durant only cares about winning – The man is all about winning.  His entire career has been about being the best.  He wants to win and this is his first of many chances.

5) Westbrook is on again and no one on Miami can guard him – Westbrook pretty much had his way with the Heat.  Unlike Rondo they cannot challenge him to shoot deep twos or threes.  Westbrook is a good shooter.

I still believe the Heat will come out on top, butt his will be hard fought all the way.


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