Miami Thrice Title Quest Diary – June 12, 2012

Miami 3 vs. OKC

The 2nd straight NBA Finals featuring Miami’s Big Three kicked off tonight and instead of focusing on the panic and pessimism that will surely come (just wait 2 paragraphs!) I am instead going to celebrate the achievements of the Heat.

LeBron James has had one of the best statistical seasons ever and now, following his incredible performance against the Celtics, finally seems to be fully comprehending “the secret”.  He knows what it takes to win and his face says it all “Give me the ball and I can win this thing…”.  While he may still be Wilt 2.0, he is suddenly 1967 Wilt and in many ways, much more.  LeBron still does all the little things, and he wants a ring so badly that he truly wants to earn it!  Two years in a row he has dragged a truly awful three man team to the Finals – twice in these playoffs alone he has erased Series deficits …by himself.

He may not win a title against this incredibly deep OKC team but either way he has left it all on the floor and ultimately he can do no more than know he is one of the seven best players of all time.

Chris Bosh has, somewhat surprisingly, transformed himself into an underrated player and the perfect compliment to James.  He can hit the big shot with abandon and has no problem stepping up or back depending on what is needed.  Then there is the fact he plays each and every game like it is the NBA Finals (see the roar).  Like James, he has learned the hard way just what it takes to be a Champion.

As for Wade – his year has been a difficult one and it is very likely he is fighting a serious injury and has been all season long.  This has not stopped him from stepping up and carrying the team at times because no one in the NBA heats up like DWade.  When his jumper is falling it is a thing of beauty and few in history have expl0ded to the rim like he does.  He still fights with being second option on the Heat but has seemed much more accepting overall or his reduced leadership role.

Meanwhile, OKC seems more and more like the perfectly constructed NBA team.  They are so frighteningly athletic and unselfish that it is astounding.  Harden barely contributed tonight and a big game is lurking out there for the bearded man.

Win or lose there will be no regret on either side.  No repeat of last year’s disappearing act.  LBJ is at his zenith and will not stop or be broken.  Nor will KD.  Welcome to the new era as the final vestiges of the old generation have finally been swept aside.  A new generation rises.

What a show we will get.

My prediction: Head says OKC

Heart says go with LBJ.

Miami will win the NBA Title.


One comment on “Miami Thrice Title Quest Diary – June 12, 2012

  1. James and Wade made a pact with each other before their last game of the season, and it wasn’t about dominating the league or winning eight championships or anything we associate with this Heat team. The pact was not flashy. But it shows how far these two friends have come, even as the world has spun around them, begging them to fail. They no longer define themselves by the spoils of victory. The pact was not even about winning.

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