Miami Thrice Title Quest Diary – June 8, 2012

So it appears the King may finally be ready to earn his ring. 

LeBron’s epic Game Six final showed (a little frustratingly) that he knows what it takes to win and he proved it tonight.

It went far beyond his 45 points / 15 boards and 5 assists – his teammates were 18 of 50 from the field – and extended to leadership that caused the team to pull together and refuse to lose.  Do not misunderstand though, this was LeBron putting the team on his back and simply carrying the team through.

The best part of his performance: his face.  He was dialled in all night long.  No fear and no chance of missing any of his shots.  This was a face that said, “F this, I got it.  No worries.  Additionally, if you miss any open shots I will strangle you in the locker room”.  At times his face was downright terrifying.

He inspired his teammates (even if they did not step up) and despite their apparent fear of LeBron he did not let them down once tonight.  He came through for them and proved just how amazing a player he is.  His hustle was incredible, even forty minutes into the game (in which he never sat once) he was still running to every ball and fighting for every rebound.  Moving like LeBron did for forty-five minutes is nearly impossible for most NBA players but his effort was truly astounding.

A one game series remains.



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