My Life as a Chelsea Fan – June 6, 2012

Some of the things I have started to enjoy as a newfound football fan of the Chelsea Football Club:

– Snickering as I walk past people wearing lesser team’s jerseys.  Every time I see someone wearing a Barca or Man U jersey it makes me smile knowing Chelsea is better.  The good life, the good life indeed.

– Following the transfers…and being excited about it!  Chelsea has already made two massive signings: Eden Hazen a 21 year old forward and “Hulk” a talented Brazilian…forward.  All told Chelsea spent around 70 million pounds to bring more strikers to the squad.  Ironically still cheaper than keeping legend Didier Drogba.

– Speculating about what Chelsea will do next season with Fernando Torres.  The man of course whom the fans supported through his entire goal scoring drought…who then turned on the team stating he wants the big chair.  Torres does a lot of things well, and I have heard the team may play with “Hulk” and Hazen as wingers and Torres in the Drogba spot.  This is of course ridiculous in my opinion, as there is no way “Hulk” can play the wing.  He is a striker.  Torres is also one of the best wingers in the world (of course he is also the most overpaid winger in the world) and should occupy the spot on opening day barring a fire sale of the disgruntled forward.

– Worrying about Chelsea players in other tournaments is quickly becoming my favorite part of the off season!  Watching Gary Cahill break his jaw in two place during a “friendly” was one of the best moments of my week!  God bless sarcasm.

With my NBA Season ending shortly…and the NHL possibly over tonight, I am glad to have transfer speculation to keep me going sports wise.

Well, that and EURO 2012.



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